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Can Fintech and the
Creator Economy
Redefine Our Future?

Schwarzwald, founded in 2021, is
a venture capital fund investing in
fintech and the creator economy.
We back visionaries crafting a
dynamic future. Join us.


Investment Philosophy

At Schwarzwald, we engage with exceptional teams at
the inception of their ventures.

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Schwarzwald Fund

We forge partnerships with founders possessing foresight
and collaborate with astute investors.

Investment Strategy

  • Stage: Pre-seed and seed
  • Focus: Post-MVP and pre-traction phases
  • Roles: Lead or co-lead investor
  • Investment Size: $2M to $25M

Our primary investment targets are pioneering projects in
fintech and the creator economy.

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Value Addition

Our expertise is deep industry knowledge and proven company-building acumen

Our network is extensive connections for global scaling and market penetration

Foresee the Unseen

At Schwarzwald, we not only anticipate the future but actively shape it. Join us as we unlock the extraordinary, unseen potential in each venture.

Startups We Support


The most rewarding creators
tool for a new economy


Monetization platform for
content creators


Influencers agency that helps
creators earn more, with less effort


The number one donation
platform in Latin America.

Vision Triumphs Over All

We are convinced that visionary teams are the cornerstone of
success, surpassing brilliant ideas and vast markets.


We're Here to Listen

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